REI Construction Consultants
REI Construction Consultants

Turning napkin sketches into projects by making the proforma work


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REI knows how to turn a developer’s vision into reality by balancing market conditions, zoning restrictions, and realistic budgets.  We understand and solve the hurdles every developer must overcome and most other contractors avoid.  REI is best when involved with projects as early as possible which maximizes our skills of finding creative construction solutions.  We enjoy working in a team environment with the developer's preferred consultants and excel as a “design assist” Construction Manager. Since every project is unique, we remain flexible and able to accommodate demands each development brings.  REI is committed to remain an efficient team of passionate and experienced professionals which is evident in the energy poured into planning and completing projects.

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Real Estate Investment projects are different and generally require REI to buy more products direct, separate bid categories to allow smaller subcontractors to be competitive, and help less experienced contractors perform at higher levels.  Because of our talents, REI’s projects tend to be urban, mixed-use, brownfield, multi-family, retail, and generally have a tight proforma.

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REI Construction Consultants

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